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Anonymous asked: i absolutely love your tumblr, it helps bring the fans together in what we think about in my opinion and i think you're doing a good job at it, so thank you. :)

Awwe, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: Do you think HoTN is coming back? I just wondered if in the meantime you might be able to use random pics from online? Or are you not 'allowed' to do that (using other peoples' stuff etc)? Just miss this blog, it's been gone so long.

I’ve been told by the lovely ladies that run HOTN that the site is coming back, and that they’re not calling it quits. Really we just have to be patient right now.

HOTN is really the only screencap site that has HQ caps from ALL the seasons, and that’s why I only use theirs. The quality of the confessions would have to be sacrificed in order to make any right now and I don’t want to do that.

Once the site is back up I will resume making confessions, and people can still leave them while we wait.


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they-grew-up-heroes asked: Hi. Love your blog. I found a confession a while back and I searched through several tags but I couldn't find it. It had Bobby on it and it said something along the lines of feeling left out because you don't ship anyone in the fandom. Can you tell me where I can find it?

It’s here. I was able to find it quickly by browsing the archive, kinda why that feature is there ;)

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Anonymous asked: I don't mean to sound rude by asking this, but it seems like you are really busy, and have some trouble keeping the blog going at times, have you ever considered adding some other mods, that maybe have a bit more time and can help you out with the incredible amount of confessions you need to make? Again, not trying to offend you, because i love love love the blog, and would hate to see you give it up because it became to much!

I have, but I’m insanely picky about continuity and only way to ensure that and the fact that all the confessions are made (and not deleted because of personal issues with the confession) is to do it myself.

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Anonymous asked: So should I find a new supernatural confession blog? Cause you guys have been seriously slacking.

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phd-in-awesome asked: i keep on sending confessions and you never do mine. How come??

Maybe because I’m practically running this blog alone? Maybe because there’s over 100 confessions in the inbox right now waiting to be made and I’m a full time college student that barely has time as it is? Maybe because tumblr ate it? Maybe because it didn’t follow the confession guidelines? I see two of yours in the messages right now, so eventually they’ll get made. Patience maybe?


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Anonymous asked: I'm not trying to be a pill or a hater, I enjoy your blog but I must ask why rude comments on the actors' appearances need to be published. I know you may or may not agree but it just doesn't seem necessary or relevant to me. In fact, it seems like borderline actor hate with the way some people put it.

I can only assume this is because of the recent post about Sam’s hair, because otherwise there hasn’t been anything recently that would fall under that description. I enforce the guidelines and routinely ask people to re-phrase their confession if they don’t adhere to them. Because the blog is meant to be a safe place for people to express their opinions and feelings about the show there are going to be confessions that people don’t agree with; but actor hate is something that is never tolerated.

If for some reason something questionable does slip by me, it’s simply because sometimes I can’t be bothered to read an entire confession when I’m making them. It’s so emotionally exhausting to run this blog and sometimes I just have to tune things out to get the confessions made. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the curtain than people realize, and I’m doing this by myself for the most part.

Everyone had different lines and limits for what they consider acceptable, and apparently you and I differ on what they are.

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thelastofthecrazypeople asked: I just wanted to let you know that I am really sorry that you get so much hate about the confessions. I think it's really beautiful that you try and give every part of the fandom a neutral place where they can express their opinion. I hope you won't get put off by the people who don't get that it's not okay to go ballistic over a confession that doesn't suit their worldview. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. I’ve taken a bit of a break from things and that usually helps. I think the fandom gets restless during breaks so hopefully once it’s back on things will quiet down again.

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deadskeletonarmy asked: You guys do a great job with your blog and I'm sorry you're receiving crap over that Dean confession! I don't exactly like it myself, but I'd put the comments about it ON the confession rather than complaining to you about it. It's not like it's YOUR opinion! I don't understand how people can get mad at you for other people's opinions.

I think sometimes people just want someone to blame or yell at and they forget that it’s another human being sitting here reading their messages. I can only hope that they don’t have to experience that, it’s not pleasant.

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deanwinchesterprays asked: Well, I'll be sure to drop some love here every once in a while, then. You're doing far too much work to not be recognized and praised for it. Thanks again. I'll always be here should you need any sort of help or reason to smile! <3

Thank you!